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    Enterprise news

    Technical support team implement on-site repair technical guidance

    2017-10-16 22:26:38       Source:派普蘭官網

    The company attaches great importance to safety production, especially training on the early warning and disposal ability of emergencies. On July 26, PPL conduced gas leak emergency rescue drill with Bureau of Housing and Urban of Fangzheng/ State Administration of Work Safety(SAWS) of  Fangzheng/ fire squadron of Fangzheng at gas station and the drill was a complete success.

    At the scene of the drills, got a call of danger, commander in chief jing-he jiang commanded, start the emergency contingency plans, the communication group issued an emergency order to each group immediately, logistics support group runned to set up the warning belt, evacuate the crowd; the emergency rescue team quickly organized emergency supplies, close medium-pressure valves and carry out preliminary fire fighting. Technical support group implemented on-site emergency repair technical guidance, call fire alarm 119 at the same time. Two fire engines arrived so quickly, with water spraying carried on to the leaking fire point. Under the coordination and close cooperation of each group, after more than 20 minutes, the fire extinguishing at the fire point, the removal of the leakage site, the successful pipeline welding and replacement ventilation, the emergency rescue drill successfully end.

    The main leaders of safety supervision bureau, construction bureau, technical supervision bureau, fire control department and gas office of fangzheng county came to the site for observation and guidance. Through simulation and emergency drills, the "extinguish combined with prevention, prevention first" security concept was seriously implemented, the safety awareness of the responsibility is more important than mount tai was set up, disposal ability on emergency was enhanced by the staff and practical experience was accumulated.

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