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    Business introduction


    Beijing Pipeline Science & Technology Co., ltd(PPL), subsidiary corporation of Triastoria Group(TTC),a pipeline inspection technical service company devote to utilizing international advanced inspection technique for oil and Gas pipeline operators domestic and overseas etc to provide one-step high-quality services. The primary serves of PPL include: pipe pigging, GeometryCalliperinspection, Magnetic Flux Leakage(MFL) inspection, ultrasonic inspection, pipeline repair, defect assessment, life evaluation, integrity management of pipeline, geographic information system(GIS) etc, moreover, PPL is the strategic partner of BHGE, the most authoritative pipeline inner inspection technical venture all over the world. PPL has professional technical team as well as  intact and reliable inspection equipment with its staff took in specialized technical training and obtained qualification certificate.

    PPL lay emphasis to technic association and innovation, strive to achieve international leading level of pipeline inspection industry. By virtue of BHGE abundant technical support, we can solve the problems of pipeline integrity whole day(24h) and whole year(365 days), and ensure safe/economic operation of any kind of pipeline; the professional quality and safety and environment protection department guarantee safety management and operation of each project.

    riastoria Group(TTC),a comprehensive enterprise group serves energy industry. The group was established in 1991, focused on providing solution, pipeline service, urban gas and automobile air-entrapping technology as well as equipment import, oil field technical services, petroleum and natual gas sales and distribution etc. In the aspect of providing solution, business involve petrochemical industry, oceaneering, natural gas, LNG, nuclear power industries etc. Serve as leading enterprise on import of technology, equipment, service in term of petroleum and petrochemical, oceaneering, natural gas processing, sulfur recovery, environmental protection on energy sources, LNG etc, TTC have developed good cooperative relationship to many transnational corperation.

    With a global vision, together with global partners, the group provides energy solutions to customers, provides clean energy to the public and enjoys a good reputation in the industry.

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    Corporate Culture


    Phone:+86-10-69750534 Address:2#.Unit 1 Building 5 Xing Mao Street 1, Tongzhou District, Beijing, China, 101102 Fax: +86-10-69751756轉600